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For over eighty years New Hope Worship Center has been raising up and releasing generations of servant-leaders to kingdom ministry. Carrie and I were in our early twenties when the Holy Spirit directed us to come to New Hope (then First Foursquare Church) in September of 1993. What a privilege it has been to serve in areas of ministry such as youth, worship, administration, and a variety of other roles before being blessed with the honor of becoming the Lead Pastors here at New Hope.

As a church, our history is rich, and our legacy is still being passed, like a torch, from generation to generation. Mrs. Willie Laurel Olive, an evangelist who had been greatly influenced by Aimee Semple McPherson (founder of The Foursquare Church), held a tent revival held on Concord's Church Street on Father's Day 1927. Little did she know that this "one week" revival would have such a profound impact, and that the Lord would direct her to stay in Concord and build a church, whose influence would be felt all over the world. On Christmas Eve 1928, Elizabeth Temple, named after Mrs. Olive's mother, was dedicated to the Lord. Thousands of people have experienced the salvation, the in-filling and over-flowing of the Holy Spirit, the healing, and the Kingdom power of Jesus Christ through the ministry of New Hope Worship Center. For the many wonderful pastors and leaders whose lives and ministries inspired generations of young men and women to follow the Lord, we say, "To God be the glory!"

As a pastor whose life and ministry flows from New Hope, I have seen a common theme in every generation of this body of believers: we are called to lead leaders. The Word of God says that Jesus Himself gave gifts to His Church - apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers - whose primary function is to "equip the saints for the work of the ministry." (Ephesians 4) At New Hope Worship Center we give ourselves to this mission. We are still raising up generations of servant-leaders and releasing them to Kingdom ministry!

~ Pastor Dale ~